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Democratic National Convention 

Watch the Convention - Tune in to the 2020 Democratic National Convention  from August 17-20, happening from 9:00 to 11:00 PM ET every night! Sign up to watch here.


Important Voter Information Dates:
Last day to register to vote - Oct 5.
Early Voting begins Oct 13.
Last day of Early Voting - Oct 30.
Last day to apply for Ballot by Mail (absentee voting) - Oct 23 (received, not postmarked)
Last day to receive Ballot by Mail - Election Day Nov 3, 7 PM (if not postmarked) or 5 PM the day after Election Day (as long as itís postmarked by 7 PM on Election Day


Michael Mark, Chair 936-776-8637


2018-2020 Texas Democratic Party Platform

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